Wow it’s been a great amount of time since writing here, been really busy these last couple month’s on 2019. Interview’s, hacks, studying and moved onto the awesome field of Red-Team currently an Intern. So yeah… I’ve been doing a lot lately trying to catch up on these new attacks and new techniques for this Job, usually you would want to follow ATTACK MITRES Framework it is very helpful onto understanding how the adversaries think on real world attacks.

So my this new way of studying this for me is just as this blog, I am writing a book on gitbooks about my red team notes check it out (incompletely at the time of writing) you can go here, this might be nothing new, and there are also other articles, blogs, and posts out there that might have better understanding and examples on how these attacks work. To be honest I am just trying to “Dumb it down” for myself, especially since it is all new to me, what a better way to learn than trying to explain to somebody that is also new and starting to this field for them, I would also love to try and start some sort of YouTube channel with this techniques but I honestly have no idea, if this is even a good idea lately they been going hard on people that are making Youtube channels related to CyberSecurity, but hey I might give it a shot. So yeah this New Year 2020 : ). I will be more active here on my blog and add more note’s to myself once the book is done I will keep doing more vulnerable boxes, even though they are not related to Red Team but hey any hacking is good hacking it is awesome to keep working on this, I have other friends that are actual Penetration Testers that currently are working on hacking websites, apps and many other great things!!.

Well that is most of the Info I got for this post hopefully I can continue adding more great things and help other folks to get started into this field, I will try to make it as basic as possible so other’s can replicate these attacks and learn these techniques but I do have to say unfortunately Red Team is not for beginners to start usually you want to move up and then you end up with Red Team, but hey it never hurt’s to try.

Happy New Years!!

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