Playing Blue

Yes, Red Team is sexy, I’m a Red Teamer and it’s the Hype!!. Who doesn’t like the rush of being a bad guy and hacking into a Network Infrastructure while trying to be as OPSEC on a Network. I’ve known a few Offensive Researchers that have some sort of a Blue Team background, they all … Continue reading Playing Blue

Small Update

Well as of today in the current world’s situation. We are currently in Quarantine due to this Virus named COVID-19 (CoronaVirus). And I have been stuck at home just learning and reading the latest blogs and articles anything related to some Red Team Techniques, currently I met an individual with 20 years of experience in … Continue reading Small Update

Red Teaming

Well here it is, I am finally going for a Red Team Job (Jr) am I nervous? Yes…totally, was wondering how will I explain myself if I manage to ace this interview. I mean I have been studying the MITRE ATTACK Framework as it was the bible, created a gitbook page to demonstrate attacks and … Continue reading Red Teaming


Wow it’s been a great amount of time since writing here, been really busy these last couple month’s on 2019. Interview’s, hacks, studying and moved onto the awesome field of Red-Team currently an Intern. So yeah… I’ve been doing a lot lately trying to catch up on these new attacks and new techniques for this … Continue reading 2020

DC-6 Walk-Through

And we made it people the last box of the series man what a ride learned a bunch with wordpress and other CMS, custom word-lists, enumeration and Burp awesome journey and was great to be part of this, this box was some work into it it all goes with experience but let’s move on with … Continue reading DC-6 Walk-Through

DC-5 Walk-Through

Another day!!, another box today I am working on DC-5 and it was great learned some awesome attacks and something so simple as “When All You Can Do Is Read” pretty informative give this one a google search, to sum this up it’s just, what would we do when all we can do is read … Continue reading DC-5 Walk-Through

DC-3 Walk-Through

Ok, ok let’s get into this this Machine was awesome really into this one I was having incredibly crazy trouble with my sql injection but after some researching we can find a tool named joomblah that will take care of this automatically also after attacking WordPress the past boxes this one moves to one called … Continue reading DC-3 Walk-Through

Troll Write-Up

Let me continue with another post on another awesome and very troll machine from vulnhub it was great at the beginning then all down hill from there incredibly full of rabbit holes and lot’s of creativity to get this one down but still a very laughable one and enjoyable. Start with an nmap scan First … Continue reading Troll Write-Up