Fileless Malware

Turning ourselves into Ghosts “Hunting for a fileless threat can be a tedious and labor-intensive task for any analyst. It is, most often than not, extremely time-consuming and requires a significant amount of data gathering. On top of that, the traditional tools, methods, and defenses seem to be less effective when dealing with these almost … Continue reading Fileless Malware

Starting in Red Team

This is a path I would like to talk about since I was working on my own to get to where I finally am. A Jr Red Team Operator, now we all ask ourselves this question when we start, “Where do I start?”. Well, this used to be a difficult question to answer as even … Continue reading Starting in Red Team

Red Team Notes 2.0

Hi Everyone, I currently want to share a new and updated gitbook from my previous one Red Team Notes, I currently manage to categories the MITRE ATTACK Framework and mostly focused on Windows Attacks. (I wanted to add other’s but unfortunately it’s resources that I do not have). When I started the Red Team learning … Continue reading Red Team Notes 2.0

2020 (Error 404)

Error 404 So I know I have been quite inactive lately on my blog, but all in good reason, mostly practicing techniques, writing techniques, creating Demos, writing code in C++, C# and Python3. I have been quite on the move this very sedentary year with learning more Cybersecurity and more specially Red Team related stuff. … Continue reading 2020 (Error 404)

Persistence Techniques

Today I will talk about persistence, the technique used by adversaries to maintain their foothold on your network. It mainly consists of techniques used by adversaries to keep access to systems across restarts, changed credentials, and other interruptions that could cut off their access. Many tools are great for these techniques and I will demonstrate … Continue reading Persistence Techniques

Privilege Escalation

In today’s Episode of Red-Teaming we will talk about Privilege Escalation a valuable Technique when trying to gain higher privileges on a machine, we want to achieve this Goal because we want UNRESTRICTED access onto the machine we are targeting. In this part the APT is trying to gain higher privileges on the Machine There … Continue reading Privilege Escalation


In my previous post I talked about capturing hashes using a variety of different methods if you noticed these methods were utilizing LOLBAS also know as Living Off The Land Binaries and Scripts (and also Libraries) but what are these Executable that I utilized???. They are Windows Trusted Binaries that come installed into the System … Continue reading Execution

Capturing Hashes

So today I just wanted to write a simple post on explaining the method of Capturing Hashes (NTLM, NTLMv2, Etc). Let’s say we have access to a Victim machine but we are trying to Escalate our privileges, Maintain persistence or Execute Commands, various things can be done from here but I won’t dive too deep … Continue reading Capturing Hashes