Small Update

Well as of today in the current world’s situation. We are currently in Quarantine due to this Virus named COVID-19 (CoronaVirus). And I have been stuck at home just learning and reading the latest blogs and articles anything related to some Red Team Techniques, currently I met an individual with 20 years of experience in the field it’s crazy the stuff he has seen and been through. I just talk about my little adventures at home on my AD (Active Directory).

Nothing much to say about it 1 DC (Domain Controller) and 2 Workstations yeah nothing to crazy, Oh and another thing a SANS instructor found my Gitbook about Red Team, he tweeted it and it actually got some rep!! pretty awesome if I say so myself, I’ve also been working on a few labs and Custom Malware, but unfortunately for me these are incredibly difficult, probably just for me. But they have been really interesting the Techniques and the Tactics used I was aware of them previously in my SOLO studies but these were a little more different on how they approached a Target or what to look for when trying to Evade or Execute something.

I’ve currently been busy lately it has but my studies to a complete halt, it’s been hard to keep up, I always thought that I can stay awake for 24 hours and study all day and night because I wanted to get better at this, but then you hit that point where you read but nothing is sticking. I concluded at that moment that I was “Burnt Out” I hated staring at the PC all day and not getting a centimeter in progress, I stopped completely and Wow do I have to say it feel’s great, completely relaxed not having to keep up with stuff and ignoring social media was fantastic. I don’t want to be a quitter or anything like that but I am currently not feeling it, you get me?…

Well as much for updates I am taking this studying at a slow and relaxed pace now since it’s ridiculous to be exaggerating I am just getting bummed out that stuff isn’t working out so I am just going with the flow this time.

Oh and another thing, the place where I currently work for was Hacked, Yep as in Ransomware, I was numb at the feeling but not surprised, it was bound to happen if I say so. But as I learned from social media and news out there, not everybody is prepared and sometimes people only learn when the worse happens. So those couple days we were working crazy trying to figure it out and get some Security implemented, small mitigations but they were something. I just hope we get more done because like Offsec say’s “We have a big armor so there is bound to be a crack somewhere” and it is just a matter of time for it. I don’t mean to talk bad it’s just that the first time it happened I learned how the internet affects workplaces now, and it can get people fired, the best is to jsut avoid it at all cost, or to make it difficult for these adversaries.

Well currently I am going to relax little longer see how this Quarantine situation goes, and hopefully just be a little relaxed and enjoy these small moments it’s GOOD to study but I learned the hard way. Do not BURN yourself out.

If you want some stuff to read check out my oldest Post’s or the Gitbook itself. Stay safe and Healthy

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