Playing Blue

Yes, Red Team is sexy, I’m a Red Teamer and it’s the Hype!!. Who doesn’t like the rush of being a bad guy and hacking into a Network Infrastructure while trying to be as OPSEC on a Network. I’ve known a few Offensive Researchers that have some sort of a Blue Team background, they all … Continue reading Playing Blue

Persistence Techniques

Today I will talk about persistence, the technique used by adversaries to maintain their foothold on your network. It mainly consists of techniques used by adversaries to keep access to systems across restarts, changed credentials, and other interruptions that could cut off their access. Many tools are great for these techniques and I will demonstrate … Continue reading Persistence Techniques

Privilege Escalation

In today’s Episode of Red-Teaming we will talk about Privilege Escalation a valuable Technique when trying to gain higher privileges on a machine, we want to achieve this Goal because we want UNRESTRICTED access onto the machine we are targeting. In this part the APT is trying to gain higher privileges on the Machine There … Continue reading Privilege Escalation


In my previous post I talked about capturing hashes using a variety of different methods if you noticed these methods were utilizing LOLBAS also know as Living Off The Land Binaries and Scripts (and also Libraries) but what are these Executable that I utilized???. They are Windows Trusted Binaries that come installed into the System … Continue reading Execution