Troll Write-Up

Let me continue with another post on another awesome and very troll machine from vulnhub it was great at the beginning then all down hill from there incredibly full of rabbit holes and lot’s of creativity to get this one down but still a very laughable one and enjoyable. Start with an nmap scan First … Continue reading Troll Write-Up

Pen-test Challenge

So the reason I am calling this a Pentest Challenge is cause it seems that a few people new to the industry don’t understand the fact of computer security seems that the famous ‘iPhone’ is still unbreakable and looks like they still don’t understand that this “hacking” can happen to ANYBODY you do not need … Continue reading Pen-test Challenge

AV Evasion

Let me get started that these techniques that I am writing are the most basics one’s out there I am keeping a reminder here that sometimes simplicity works and I don’t need to go the extra mile for an AV Evasion when sometimes I would like to say that 50% of the times nobody updates … Continue reading AV Evasion

OSWP Thoughts

I’ve been busy lately with new attack tools, hackthebox, practical pen-test and pen-tester academy (Wow whats wrong with me) but I have been working on me OSWP (Offensive Security Wireless Professional) So without many spoilers I will mention that this test is amazing the course gets really into detail with wireless attacks (outdated, but who … Continue reading OSWP Thoughts


Just in general. Hello everyone I am starting this blog for myself to remember stuff and use it as a cheat sheet with commands that I found very useful, but if it manages to help anyone along the way with there info-sec path that would be awesome, always willing to learn new stuff, focused primarily … Continue reading Hello