AV Evasion

Let me get started that these techniques that I am writing are the most basics one’s out there I am keeping a reminder here that sometimes simplicity works and I don’t need to go the extra mile for an AV Evasion when sometimes I would like to say that 50% of the times nobody updates … Continue reading AV Evasion

OSWP Thoughts

I’ve been busy lately with new attack tools, hackthebox, practical pen-test and pen-tester academy (Wow whats wrong with me) but I have been working on me OSWP (Offensive Security Wireless Professional) So without many spoilers I will mention that this test is amazing the course gets really into detail with wireless attacks (outdated, but who … Continue reading OSWP Thoughts


Just in general. Hello everyone I am starting this blog for myself to remember stuff and use it as a cheat sheet with commands that I found very useful, but if it manages to help anyone along the way with there info-sec path that would be awesome, always willing to learn new stuff, focused primarily … Continue reading Hello