Playing Blue

Yes, Red Team is sexy, I’m a Red Teamer and it’s the Hype!!. Who doesn’t like the rush of being a bad guy and hacking into a Network Infrastructure while trying to be as OPSEC on a Network. I’ve known a few Offensive Researchers that have some sort of a Blue Team background, they all … Continue reading Playing Blue

2020 (Error 404)

Error 404 So I know I have been quite inactive lately on my blog, but all in good reason, mostly practicing techniques, writing techniques, creating Demos, writing code in C++, C# and Python3. I have been quite on the move this very sedentary year with learning more Cybersecurity and more specially Red Team related stuff. … Continue reading 2020 (Error 404)

Red Teaming

Well here it is, I am finally going for a Red Team Job (Jr) am I nervous? Yes…totally, was wondering how will I explain myself if I manage to ace this interview. I mean I have been studying the MITRE ATTACK Framework as it was the bible, created a gitbook page to demonstrate attacks and … Continue reading Red Teaming